Provincial Road S305 line toll station series project

date: 2018-09-08
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Provincial Highway S305 toll station series projects include Neiyi Expressway Interchange toll station (Zigong toll station), Rongxian to Fushun toll station and other projects, with a total investment of 11.3 million yuan.

The Neijiang-Yibin expressway is a section of the national expressway network G85 planned by the Ministry of Communications in Sichuan Province. It is also the skeleton line of highway construction in Sichuan Province. It is also the main artery of transportation in the key development areas of Sichuan Province determined by the Sichuan Provincial Committee and the provincial government.

Located in the southern part of Sichuan Province, Rongxian is under the jurisdiction of Zigong, 34km from the urban area, adjacent to Neijiang, Yibin and Leshan. Fushun County is located in the south of Sichuan Basin and the lower reaches of Tuojiang River. It is located in Longchang City of Neijiang City in the East and in the north. It is bordered by the beach area of Zigong City in the west, Luzhou County in the south, Da'an District of Zigong City in the northwest and Yibin City in the southwest. It is 25 kilometers away from the urban area of Zigong City.

Provincial Highway S305 Longya Road Fushun to Rongxian section of the renovation project investment toll booth project toll booths for two, two-way toll islands, eight one-way toll islands, two two-way toll booths, eight one-way toll booths, respectively located in Rongxian Wangjia Town and along the beach area of Shaping Town. The main structure of the project has a service life of 50 years, the structural safety level is 2, the fire prevention level is 3, and the building fortification level is C. Rongxian toll station starts on April 15, 2008, completes on August 10, 2008, Shaping toll station starts on July 16, 2008, completes on October 12, 2009.

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