320 National Highway Reconstruction and Extension Project

date: 2018-09-03
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        Sichuan Hongrui Industry Co., Ltd. has constructed the K0+660-K3+900 section of 320 national highway reconstruction and extension project in the eastern Guizhou economic development zone of Guizhou province with an investment of about 100 million yuan. The project is located in Wuli(meaning 2.5 kilometers) board of Qingxi Town, Zhenyuan County. The route starts at the old K1768+360 of 320 National Highway at Wuli board and connects with the main road of the core area of Guizhou Eastern Circular Economy Zone along Wuli board of 320 National Highway in the direction of Sansui county, while the end of the route is connected to the G320 line K1770+800. The contracted section starts with K0 + 660, ends with K3 + 100, and it is 2440 meters long. The main projects include road engineering, pipeline network engineering, greening engineering, traffic safety engineering and so on. The width of the roadbed is 36 meters, the width of the main lane is 24 meters, the width of the central greening isolation band is 4 meters, and the width of the sidewalks on the two sides is 4 meters (the distance between the roadway trees is 6 meters, and the concrete square for the tree is a meter long and a meter wide). The section is mainly used as a general road in cities and towns. The design grade the of road is a two-way four-lane first-class highway with a design driving speed to 60km/h. The road surface is made of asphalt concrete. The project has widened and beautified the road, making the traffic more smooth.

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