Guizhou Songtao County export tea processing demonstration base

date: 2018-09-08
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The export tea processing demonstration base in Songtao County of Guizhou province is a construction project investigated, designed and constructed by Sichuan Hongrui Industry Co., Ltd. Songtao County is located in the eastern foot of Fanjing Mountain, the main peak of Wuling Mountains. It is located in the junction of Guizhou, Hunan and Chongqing. It is connected with Huayuan and Phoenix of Hunan Province and borders on Youyang and Xiushan of Chongqing. It is well-known as the "the gateway to Eastern Guizhou" for its good location and convenient transportation. Historically it has the ancient name of "connecting Sichuan and Chu, restraining Hunan province". The county administer 5 streets, 17 towns and 6 townships. The total area of the county is 3409 square kilometers, of which the built-up area is more than 24 square kilometers. Songtao is the county with the largest area, the largest population and the strongest comprehensive strength in Tongren.

The project site is located at the Jiujiang intersection of Huagu Avenue in the middle of Songtao Miao ethnic autonomous county. In the east of the site is Huagu Avenue, in the north is No. 1 Road, in the west is the planned municipal road, and in the south is the planned commercial land. And the traffic around is very convenient.

The total investment of the project is 60 million yuan and the overall construction period is 8 months, of which the field survey and design period is 30 days. The construction of the whole project begins in April, 2018 and the construction content is the investigation, design and construction of the factory building, office building and dormitory building. The total land area is 32963.57 square meters, and the total construction area is 26336.19 square meters, of which the office building is 2057.07 square meters. The dormitory buildings and dining halls are 3484.04 square meters, the raw tea warehouse is 4635.86 square meters,the production workshop is 4635.86 square meters, the packaging workshop is 6193.46 square meters, the finished products warehouse is 4635.86 square meters, the toilet is 139.67 square meters, the door guard room is 60 square meters, and the basement is 494.37 square meters. The volume-counted building area is 25841.82 square meters and the volume-uncounted building area is 494.37 square meters. The buildings covers an area of 11914.26 square meters, and building density is 36.14% with a volume rate of 0.78 when the green area is 6688.86 square meters and the greening rate is 20%. And the factory has 81 parking spaces.

     The construction of demonstration base is conducive to promoting the sustainable development of modern agriculture in Songtao County and to promoting the Songtao County tea industry development faster and better.

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