Standardized workshop of liquor industry park

date: 2018-09-08
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The East Guizhou Economic Development Zone ranks the 28th amongst the 111 industrial parks in Guizhou province with a planned total area of 31.1 square kilometers. It is located in eastern Guizhou and the northeast of southeast Guizhou where three counties (Zhenyuan County, Cen’gong County, Sansui County) intersect, serving as the eastern gate of Guizhou Province and known as “the gateway to Eastern Guizhou". With convenient transportation and communication, abundant water resources and power resources, preferential policies, loose environment and a better industrial base, the region is a forward position and a very suitable base to undertake the gradient transfer of central and eastern regions industries. The East Guizhou Economic Development Zone now has 157 enterprises of various types, including 39 production-oriented enterprises, 19 trade circulation enterprises, 99 micro-enterprises and 3 provincially top 100 enterprises . It has 24 large-scale industrial enterprises, such as Guizhou Qingjiu Group, Qiandong Electric Power Co., Ltd., Guizhou Dongli Cement Co., Ltd.  and Runda Ferroalloy Co., Ltd forming four pillar industries ——liquor, metallurgy, electricity and building materials.

The No. 5 Factory of Standardized Factory Buildings (Phase II) in the Liquor Industry Park of the East Guizhou Economic Development Zone is a construction project invested by Sichuan Hongrui Industry Co., Ltd. The project is located in the home-returning Pioneer Park of Wuli Sign, Qingxi Town, Zhenyuan County, Guizhou and the building’s property is production house. The total floor area is 12100 square meters and the overall floorage is 6606.4 square meters (including: a production workshop with a building area of 4553.8 square meters; a canteen of the office building  with a building area of 1559.4 square meters; a warehouse door guard room with a building area of 194.8 square meters; a boiler room with a building area of 162.1 meters; and a transformer substation with a building area of 136.3 square meters). The project includes civil engineering, hydropower, roads, greening and so on).  The basic engineering forms are:the office building canteen, the warehouse guard room, the boiler room and the transformer station using raft foundation, and the production workshop using strip foundation and independent foundation. The office building canteen, the warehouse guard room, the boiler room, the transformer and the distribution room uses frame structure as the structure form and the production workshop uses steel structure as the structure form. The seismic fortification intensity of the finished buildings is 6 degrees, and the fire resistance rating is two. The construction of the standardized factory buildings is conducive to attracting production enterprises to settle down in the East Guizhou Economic Development Zone.

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