Eight directions for the development of the construction industry in the next five years

date: 2018-08-22
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Earlier, issued by ministry of urban-rural development of the housing "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning notice" issued by the construction industry development caused great repercussions in the industry, this post is made clear in the next five years the main goal of the construction industry development and the future development direction, everyone to file should not unfamiliar, but small make up today to systematically summarize, read the article and understand the construction of the future!

The eight directions

First, deepen structural and institutional reform of the construction industry

Undertake (issue) package reform

We will narrow down and strictly define the scope of projects for which tendering is required, and relax relevant standards for scale.

Recommended click: order no. 16 of the national development and reform commission announced that the required project amount has been significantly increased)

The construction of houses invested by the private sector shall be piloted by the construction unit, which shall decide on the contracting method independently.

The state council has decided that the construction unit can decide how to issue the contract.

We will simplify the procedures for bidding and tendering, and make the whole process of bidding and tendering transactions electronic.

The lowest bid on the basis of performance guarantee shall be carried out to restrict the behavior of winning the bid with malicious low price.

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We will adjust and optimize the industrial structure

We will encourage professional subcontracting based on technical expertise, manufacturing and assembly integration, and process work, and promote the development of small and micro businesses based on professional skills.

Encourage engineering consulting

Lead competent enterprises to provide integrated project management consulting services covering the full life cycle of the project.

Second, promote the modernization of the construction industry

Promoting smart and prefabricated buildings

Encourage enterprises to carry out factory manufacturing and assembling.

We will vigorously develop steel structures, give priority to steel structures in new public buildings, and actively yet prudently extend the use of steel structures in residential buildings.

Promoting BIM technology

We will accelerate the integrated application of building information model (BIM) technology in the whole process of planning, engineering survey, design, construction and operation and maintenance, and support the r&d and promotion of domestic BIM software based on a 3d graphics platform with independent intellectual property rights.

Promote energy conservation and green building development

The green building

Government investment in office buildings, schools, hospitals, cultural and other public welfare public buildings and affordable housing should take the lead in implementing green building standards and encourage areas with conditions to fully implement green building standards.

Full finish

We will formulate policies to encourage full renovation of newly built buildings and improve the proportion of finished products to be delivered to newly built houses.

Fourth, to develop the workforce of construction industry

Construction employment reform

Construction enterprises are encouraged to cultivate and absorb a certain number of their own skilled workers.

Support the labor team to set up professional enterprises, such as carpentry, electrician, masonry, steel production and so on, and encourage the existing professional enterprises to specialize.

The real name system for construction labor services shall be implemented, and a national information platform for construction workers management services shall be basically established.

Against default

Fully implement the labor contract system for construction workers;

Cracking down on wage arrears;

Vigorously promote construction units to participate in industrial injury insurance.

Deepen the reform of the "deregulation of the construction industry"

Reform of qualification

Weaken enterprise qualification and strengthen individual practice qualification.

We will accelerate the revision of enterprise qualification standards and management regulations, simplify the setting of enterprise qualification categories and levels, and reduce unnecessary qualification identification.

Personal practice

Improve the individual practice qualification system and optimize the establishment of individual practice qualification in the construction field;

We will increase accountability for practicing law, and crack down on lending and leasing of certificates.

We will develop private practice offices in an orderly manner and promote the establishment of a personal practice insurance system.

Breaking down market barriers

We will break down barriers to regional market access, cancel unreasonable conditions for access to enterprises set by various regions and industries outside laws and regulations and the provisions of the state council, and forbid unauthorized or disguised establishment of examination, approval and filing items.

Engineering cost reform

We will reform the qualification management of engineering cost enterprises and improve the qualification system for cost engineers.

Unify the project valuation rules and perfect the engineering quantity bill valuation system.

Establish the cost accounting system of project life cycle.

We will actively develop the compilation of pricing bases for various new types of projects, such as green buildings, modernization of the construction industry, urban underground integrated pipe corridors, and sponge cities.

Building a credit system

We will improve the national public service platform for building market supervision and accelerate data sharing and exchange with the national credit information sharing platform and the national enterprise credit information disclosure system.

We will establish a blacklist system for construction market players and make public enterprise and individual credit records.

We will encourage areas with conditions to explore and carry out credit evaluation.

Improve project quality and safety

Engineering quality safety

Strict implementation of the project quality lifelong responsibility written commitment system, permanent signage system, quality information archives and other systems.

We will increase penalties in respect of enterprise qualifications, personnel qualifications, and restrictive practices, and intensify accountability.

Strengthening construction safety

We will speed up the construction of an information system for the supervision of construction safety and strengthen the management of production safety through informationization.

Promoting the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises

Reduce the burden for the enterprise

Complete the reform of replacing business tax with value-added tax in the construction industry, strengthen the investigation and research and follow-up analysis, and pay more attention to the wonderful contents of WeChat search on WeChat public account "the construction industry thing", and improve relevant policies to ensure that the industry tax burden only decreases but does not increase.The system of payment guarantee, advance payment guarantee, performance guarantee and maintenance payment guarantee will be gradually implemented.

Encourage innovation

Enterprises are encouraged to develop core technologies, patents and proprietary technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights and to form a complete system of scientific research development and technology application.

Actively explore the international market

Encourage unions

We will encourage cooperation between central and local enterprises, between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and jointly explore the international market in an orderly manner.

Six major objectives

Market size goal

On the basis of completing the task of the construction of fixed assets in the whole society, the total output value of the national construction industry increased by an average of 7% annually, and the added value of the construction industry increased by an average of 5.5% annually.The business income of national engineering survey and design enterprises increased by 7% annually.The annual average business revenue of engineering consulting service enterprises such as project supervision, cost consultation and bidding agency increased by 8%.The annual turnover of construction enterprises contracted for foreign projects increased by 6%, further consolidating the pillar position of the construction industry in the national economy.

Target of industrial structure adjustment

We will encourage large enterprises to become better and stronger, and form a number of leading enterprises with development and construction integration, whole-process engineering consulting services, and general engineering contracting as their main business subjects and leading technology management.

We will vigorously develop professional construction and promote the rapid development of specialized contracting enterprises based on specific products, technologies, processes, types of work and equipment.Promote the spirit of craftsman, and pay more attention to the wonderful content of WeChat search. Pay attention to WeChat public account "the construction industry thing", and cultivate high-quality construction workers. By 2020, the number of construction workers above the intermediate level of construction industry will reach 3 million.

We will strengthen business innovation and promote the emergence of new forms of construction contracting services featuring "Internet plus".

Technical progress goal

We will consolidate and maintain the leading international technology position in the fields of ultra-high-rise buildings, high-speed railways, highways, large-volume DAMS, ultra-long offshore Bridges and nuclear power plants.We will intensify the promotion of information technology and increase the number of new projects under construction using BIM technology.

The investment in technology research and development of the first class engineering survey and design enterprise and the construction general contracting enterprise above the first class account for one percentage point higher than that of the operating income of the enterprise at the end of the 12th five-year plan period.

Building energy conservation and green building development goals

All newly-built civil buildings in cities and towns meet the requirements of energy-saving standards, and the energy efficiency level is 20 percent higher than that of 2015.

By 2020, the proportion of green building in urban areas will reach 50%, the total area of newly completed residential buildings will reach 30%, and the proportion of green building materials will reach 40%.

The prefabricated building area accounts for 15% of the new building area.

Construction market regulatory objectives

We will accelerate the revision of the building law and other laws and regulations to further improve the building market legal and regulatory system.

The project guarantee system, insurance system and the project cost management system adapted to the market economy are basically established, the construction market access system is more scientific and perfect, and the unified, open, fair and orderly construction market rules and patterns are basically formed.

National construction workers training, skills appraisal, professional identity identification, information management system basic perfection.The behavior of all parties in the market is basically standard, and the construction market order is obviously improved.

Quality and safety objectives

Laws and regulations on quality and safety of construction projects have been further improved, the quality and safety supervision mechanism has been further improved, the quality level of projects has been comprehensively improved, and the quality of national key projects has been maintained at the international advanced level.

The situation of building safety in production was stable and improved, and the ability of building disaster resistance was steadily improved.Progress was made in the standardization reform of engineering construction.

Nine main tasks

Deepening the structural and institutional reform of the construction industry: reforming the way of supervision, adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure, and improving the development quality of the engineering consulting service industry.

Promote the modernization of the construction industry: popularize intelligent and prefabricated buildings, strengthen the leading role of technical standards, and strengthen the support of research and development of key technologies.

Promoting building energy conservation and green building development: improving building energy conservation level, promoting building energy conservation technology, promoting the large-scale development of green building, and improving the supervision and management mechanism.

To develop the workforce in the construction industry: promote the organization and specialization of workers, improve the skill training and identification system, and improve the rights and interests guarantee mechanism.

We will deepen reform of the "deregulation service" for the construction industry: improve the construction market access system, improve the construction cost management system, promote the unified opening of the construction market, and speed up the construction of a credit system.

Improve project quality and safety level: strictly implement the responsibility of project quality and safety, comprehensively improve the quality supervision level, strengthen the safety supervision of construction, and promote project construction standardization.

Promoting the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises: deepening the reform of enterprise property rights system, vigorously reducing the burden on enterprises, and enhancing enterprises' capacity for independent innovation.

Actively explore the international market;

Give play to the role of industry organization service and self-discipline.

Qualification and practice

We should adhere to the reform direction of weakening enterprise qualifications and strengthening individual practice qualifications, and gradually build a construction market access system that integrates qualification licensing, credit constraints and economic checks and balances.We will reform the enterprise qualification management system for construction projects, accelerate the revision of enterprise qualification standards and regulations, simplify the establishment of enterprise qualification categories and levels, and reduce unnecessary qualification certification.According to the content of the plan, the following three important information are revealed:

1. There will be major adjustments to the qualification standards, and the qualification categories will be reduced;

2. The investigation and punishment of "hanging certificate" will be more intense and the punishment will be more severe;

3. Credit will be an important indicator of both the application of enterprise qualification and individual practice.

Four engineering design and construction qualifications have been canceled

208204;8204;From November 6, 2014, the competent departments of urban and rural construction at provincial level and below and relevant central enterprises will stop accepting the first application, addition application and upgrade application for four engineering design and construction qualifications, including building intelligence, fire control facilities, building decoration and decoration, and building curtain wall.From December 6, 2014, the ministry of housing and urban-rural development stopped accepting applications for the above qualifications.The certificate of engineering design and construction qualification held by the enterprise shall remain valid.

The landscaping qualification has been canceled

On April 13, 2017, the competent departments of urban and rural construction of housing at all levels (landscape greening) will no longer accept applications for the qualification approval of urban landscape greening enterprises, and the landscape qualification will be officially cancelled.

The bidding agent qualification has been canceled

On October 18, 2017, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) officially cancelled the qualification recognition of engineering consulting units in accordance with the decision of the state council on the cancellation of a batch of administrative licensing items (guofa [2017] no. 46), and the project consulting units are subject to the informed filing management system, which will be implemented from January 1, 2018.

Labor service qualification to cancel

On November 7, 2017, a guideline on cultivating the construction workers in the construction industry in the new era (draft for soliciting opinions) was officially released (no. 763 [2017]) : it is planned to cancel the approval of construction labor service qualification, set up the qualification of professional operation enterprises, implement the document preparation system of notification and implement the project payment guarantee system.

The qualification confirmation of bidding agent has been cancelled

On December 27, 2017, the standing committee of the National People's Congress on amending the tendering of the People's Republic of China >, < the metrology law of the People's Republic of China > decision "has been by the law of the People's Republic of China on the 12th at the 31st session of the standing committee of the National People's Congress, formally cancel bidding agent qualification, effective as of December 28, 2017.

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