Green technology to achieve building energy efficiency 70%

date: 2018-08-22
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Contemporary Property Group Co., Ltd. introduced and developed ground source heat pump technology system, ceiling radiation refrigeration heating system and other scientific and technological building system application technology, developed a complete set of green residential science and technology system, greatly reducing building energy consumption and improving core competitiveness.



The annual electricity saving is 44 million 320 thousand kwh, the annual carbon saving is 36 thousand and 500 tons, and the overall energy saving is over 70%. Modern MOM located in the corner of the second ring road in Beijing has applied many green technologies, greatly reducing building energy consumption.

The Economics Daily reporter walked down the stairs to the ground floor of the contemporary MOM as the largest ground source heat pump and fresh air system room in Asia emerged. "This is the core." Shao Binghua, deputy general manager of Habitat No. 1, a incubator of contemporary real estate group, introduced that the computer room can monitor and control all the air conditioning systems, circuit usage, refrigeration and heat supply in the residential area in real time.

The huge energy system has achieved automation and intelligence, with only 3 managers. "If there is a problem with the equipment, the system will alarm in advance, saving a few hundred thousand yuan a year for maintenance costs. If other construction projects need to be used, only access to the system, through headquarters monitoring, do not need to send a management team. Shao Binghua cited the advantages of intelligent systems to reporters.

In China, building energy consumption accounts for about one third of the total energy consumption of the whole society, so many regions and enterprises are promoting green building. As the first practice project of green technology real estate, MOM uses renewable green energy on a large scale on the basis of realizing comfortable experience and micro-energy consumption of "constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen and static".

Contemporary MOM exterior windows are all designed with three layers of hollow glass, LOW-E glass system, this glass material in addition to heat insulation, but also to maximize noise isolation. In view of the hot and humid environment in summer, contemporary home ownership independently developed "Dinosaur Qian" household constant temperature and oxygen humidity control air conditioning system. With this system, indoor temperatures can be maintained between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius in summer and winter, and relative humidity can be maintained between 30 and 70 percent.

Zhang Peng, executive director and President of contemporary real estate, told reporters that behind the good results of energy saving, is the combination of active energy saving, passive energy saving and intelligent energy saving results. Active energy-saving is to replace fresh air system and ground source heat pump system; passive energy-saving refers to external wall insulation system; intelligent energy-saving is to implement intelligent control of energy equipment through the energy automatic control system behind.

Zhang Peng introduced, since its inception in 2000, modern home buyers have been concentrating on "green technology real estate". By July 2018, Contemporary Property has won 17 Jingrui Science and Technology Awards, more than 30 Green Certificates and 12 National Green Residential Certificates. A complete set of green residential science and technology system and green real estate company operating mechanism have been developed.

Contemporary real estate has established a centralized central energy consumption monitoring and analysis platform - "green technology industry chain information cloud platform". The platform will collect and analyze the operation data of nearly 100 contemporary home purchasing projects, so as to formulate the best operation strategy and improve energy efficiency.

Zhang Peng said that when making project proposals, modern home buyers have targeted analysis, calculation and design. Each project not only considers the regional differences between the north and the south, but also implements the design according to market positioning, base characteristics, architectural form, delivery standards and so on.

In constant practice, contemporary real estate gradually introduced and developed ground source heat pump technology system, ceiling radiation refrigeration heating system, external envelope insulation system and other scientific and technological building system application technology, to solve the indoor refrigeration, heating how to save energy and reduce consumption.

"From the beginning of the design, contemporary home ownership will be all the concepts, technology, software, hardware and the actual situation of the building together, this system is the core competitiveness of contemporary home ownership green technology." Zhang Peng said.

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