Encouraging green label declaration to promote green building materials development

date: 2018-08-22
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In order to vigorously develop green building materials, meet the needs of building energy conservation, green building and new urbanization, and implement the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment, the Liuyang Wall Office strongly encourages enterprises to develop and produce green building materials, actively declare green building materials evaluation marks, and accelerate the popularization and application.

On June 30, a group of experts composed of Hunan Provincial Wall Office, Changsha Wall Office, Hunan Provincial Building Materials Institute and Hunan University carried out a series of projects on energy saving and energy utilization, water saving and water resources utilization, material saving and comprehensive utilization of resources, technology and quality, safety and health, etc. The work of green environmental protection was evaluated on the spot and highly evaluated. After the final evaluation by the expert group, Liuyang Xinyuan Building Materials Co., Ltd. was declared to have passed the certification of "two-star green building materials evaluation logo" successfully. It will be published on the national green building materials evaluation logo management information platform. This is the first wall material enterprise in our city that has passed this certification. It plays a leading role in the wall material industry of our city and promotes the work of green building materials in our city to be carried out in an all-round way.

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Address: China (Sichuan) free trade pilot area, Chengdu high tech Zone, No. 3, 28, No. 88, Jiao Zi Avenue, 2806.
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