Heavy weight! State Council: allow commercial land to be adjusted to residential land.

date: 2018-08-22
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Remodeling of houses is permitted for rental.It is allowed to convert commercial houses, such as houses, into rental houses in accordance with relevant regulations. The land use duration and plot ratio shall remain unchanged, and the land use shall be adjusted to residential land. After adjustment, the price of water, electricity and gas shall be implemented in accordance with the standards of residents.

Commercial real estate destocking

After replacing the value-added tax with the self-operation, the state council made efforts again, commercial real estate destocking attracted large, 16 province publishers to change the living rules!In the future, bad shopping malls can be converted into apartments. This policy is of great significance and will become a new trend of China's commercial real estate transformation.After the shopping mall was approved by the government to rebuild the apartment, the land use life and plot ratio still could not be changed, but this time the government finally made a strong effort to adjust the land use to residential land.At present, pay complete land assignment fee, can deal with business to change live.

What's the concept?It is to pull the mall converted apartments to the same policy treatment as ordinary houses.After all, water and electricity from commercial land is three times that of residential land, which immediately increases the market value and returns of property and gives developers more choices.

New business opportunities under the New Deal

At present, China's residential rental market involves more than 100 million people, and the total market capacity has exceeded 1 trillion yuan.It should be noted that the main suppliers of China's housing rental market are only individuals, accounting for more than 90%, while in developed countries, the proportion of professional rental enterprises to provide housing resources is up to 30%, more than three times that of China. This huge market will become a competitive place for developers, and even vanke is accelerating the promotion of this new cake.

In 2016, housing prices rose across the board. According to one statistic, the national housing rent rose by 14.8% in March.By 2017 the gains were slightly more moderate, but home prices were high and the potential was still there.

The whole residential rental market is coming to its best.So, against this backdrop of big business opportunities, mall transformation apartments are becoming more attractive.

Developers should change their thinking mode

China's commercial real estate development in recent years, the current opening of more than 500 shopping malls, stock and do too much difference.In China, many shopping malls are in idle or semi-idle condition, and they are in the disposal stage of fire sale. Some of the properties have defects and problems, while some areas are not bad.In order to transform real estate, it is also necessary to transform the thinking mode. There are mainly three aspects:

From controlling land to controlling resources

Before the real estate development to control land, the future real estate development to control resources.As people's living standards improve, their living environment will be more and more demanding. Therefore, the focus of real estate development in the future will be to control coastal islands, lake hot springs, mountain forests, rural areas and other resources.

Resource is the body, quality is the soul, so resource quality is the key.However, when controlling resources, we must pay attention to the inaccessibility of resource red lines, including basic farmland, cultural protection, cultural heritage, scenic spots, nature reserves, ancient cities, ancient villages, etc.

B: you can sell your property to your own property

Rent resale "light" before the real estate industry, but as a series of pilot program of lease, active power rental market, prompted the real estate from a single "sell" to sell and self sustaining operation and the era of transition, can be expected, the height of the future will be self sustaining property, and "from the sale of a" change, also requires developers to promote light assets operation ability.

From size to model

In the future, the success or failure of a real estate project is not the size of your project, but how far your project model can go.The model of "commercial complex + community (apartment)" has enabled wanda to blossom across the country. One of the most critical points is that the model of wanda is replicable.So when working on a project, focus on two things: replicable patterns and executive teams that will determine how far your project can go.

Develop reading

Several opinions on accelerating the cultivation and development of the housing rental market

The people's governments of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the ministries and commissions of the state council and the agencies directly under them:

It is an important part of deepening the reform of housing system and an important way to realize the goal of urban residents' living and housing.Since the reform and opening up, the continuous development of China's housing rental market has played an important role in accelerating the improvement of urban residential housing conditions and promoting the process of new-type urbanization. However, problems such as insufficient development of market suppliers, non-standard market order and imperfect laws and regulations remain prominent.In order to accelerate the development of the housing rental market, the state council has agreed to put forward the following views.

I. general requirements

Guiding ideology, fully implement the party's 18 large and 18 class 3, 4, fifth plenary session of the central working conference of urbanization, the central city work conference spirit, earnestly implement the state council decision deployment, according to the overall layout and the "five one" "four comprehensive" strategic layout, firmly set up and implement the innovation, the coordination, the development of the green, open, sharing ideas, to create a purchase and rent the housing system as the main direction of simultaneously, improve the mainly market allocation, the government provides basic security system for leasing housing.We will support housing rental consumption and promote the healthy development of the housing rental market.

Development goal: by 2020, the basic formation of multivariate supply subject, management service specification, stable rental housing rental market system, the basic form to protect, promote fair and sustainable public rental housing security system, the basic formation of market rules clear, powerful government regulation, rights and interests guarantee adequate housing leasing regulations system, realize the goal of urban residents live in somewhat.

Second, cultivate market suppliers

Development of housing rental business: give full play to market forces, arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises, and by raising housing leasing, purchase channels, improve the level of housing lease enterprise scale, intensive, specialization, formation of the coordinated development of large, medium and small enterprises housing rental, meet the growing demand for rental housing.In accordance with the guidance of the general office of the state council on accelerating the development of the living service industry to promote the upgrading of consumption structure (guo ban fa [2015] no. 85), relevant supporting policies for the housing rental enterprises to enjoy the living service industry.

Encourage real estate development enterprises to carry out housing leasing business: support real estate development enterprises to expand their business scope, and use completed housing or new housing to carry out leasing business;Real estate development enterprises are encouraged to rent out inventory housing;Guide real estate development enterprises to cooperate with housing leasing enterprises to develop real estate leasing.

Regulate housing rental agencies: give full play to the role of intermediary agencies to provide standard intermediary services.Efforts should be made to improve the quality of intermediary services, constantly improve the quality of employees, and promote the operation of intermediary institutions in accordance with the law, honesty and trustworthiness, and fair transaction.

Supporting and regulating individual rental housing: we will implement preferential policies to encourage individuals to rent out housing and encourage individuals to rent out their own houses in accordance with the law.We will standardize the practice of renting housing by individuals and support individuals in entrusting housing rental enterprises and agencies to rent housing.

Third, encourage housing rental consumption

Improve housing rental support policies: local governments should formulate preferential policies and measures to support housing rental and consumption, and guide urban residents to rent houses to solve their housing problems.We will implement the policy of withdrawing housing funds for rent payment and simplify procedures.Non-local tenant can apply for residence permit in accordance with the "temporary regulations on residence permit" and other relevant provisions, enjoy obligations education, medical and other national basic public services.

Fourth, we will improve public rental housing

To promote monetization of public rental housing: to change the mode of public rental security, both physical security and rental subsidies.Support public rental security objects rent through the market, the government to eligible families rent subsidies.We will improve the system of leasing subsidies and reasonably determine the standard of leasing subsidies based on the market rent level and the actual situation of the insured.

Improve the operation and security capacity of public rental houses: encourage local governments to adopt the mode of purchasing services or government and social capital cooperation (PPP) to transfer the existing public rental houses invested and managed by the government to professional and socialized enterprises for operation and management, and constantly improve the management and service level.Migrant workers, newly employed college students, young doctors, young teachers and other professional and technical personnel who are in stable employment in cities and towns should be included in the public rental housing security scope if they meet the conditions of public rental housing access for local urban residents.

V. support the construction of rental housing

Encourage new rental housing: around should be combined with the housing supply and demand factors, such as the new rental housing into the housing development plan, reasonable rental housing construction scale, and the annual housing construction and housing land supply plans, the arrangement, to guide the rational allocation of resources such as land, capital, orderly rental housing construction.

Permitted rebuilding houses for lease: commercial houses and other buildings are allowed to be converted into rental houses according to relevant regulations. The land use life and plot ratio are unchanged. Land use is adjusted to residential land.It is allowed to rent out the existing houses in accordance with the national and local housing design specifications. In the renovation, the original fire division, safe evacuation and fire separation facilities shall not be changed, and the fire control facilities shall be kept intact and effective.

Increase policy support

Tax incentives: tax incentives are given to enterprises, institutions and individuals that have registered and filed in accordance with the law.To implement the policy of replacing the business tax with a value-added tax on housing rental, VAT shall be paid at the rate of 5% less than 1.5% for individual rental housing;If the monthly income of individual rental housing does not exceed 30,000 yuan, the individual can enjoy the policy of exemption from value-added tax by the end of 2017.The value-added tax rate of 6% shall be applied to the real estate agencies in providing the agency services of housing rental agencies;For ordinary taxpayers renting the real estate obtained before the pilot program of replacing the business tax with a value-added tax, they are allowed to choose the simple tax method and pay the value-added tax according to the tax rate of 5%.Tax on income from renting out housing by half;For the rent expenditure of individual housing, combined with the reform of individual income tax, we will make a comprehensive study on the deduction of related expenses.

Strengthening housing rental regulation

Implementing local responsibilities: provincial people's governments should strengthen the management of local housing rental market, strengthen work guidance, and study and solve key and difficult problems.The people's governments of cities shall bear overall responsibility for the management of the housing rental market within their administrative areas. They shall establish a multi-department joint supervision system, clarify the division of responsibilities, give full play to the role of grassroots organizations such as streets and towns, and carry out the grid management of housing rental.We will speed up the construction of housing rental information services and regulatory platforms and promote information sharing among departments.

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