Construction industry explores informatization construction

date: 2018-08-22
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Technological breakthrough helps Chinese architecture "intelligent building"

Construction industry is one of the pillar industries driving China's economic development. However, in people's impression, it is often associated with high cost, high energy consumption, low precision and low quality.Nowadays, under the impact of digital wave, the construction industry also urgently needs to use modern intelligent technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Construction industry explores information construction

Not long ago, at the 2018 construction industry annual summit held in the ancient capital of xi 'an, the industry has begun to realize the importance of digital and intelligent technologies to the construction industry.

The summit, railway, the fourth engineering bureau group co., LTD., information management department secretary GeLu says, "with the rapid development of construction industry, our increasingly complex engineering design, engineering quantity more and more increasingly large and the contractors, the existing management mechanism and technology can not meet the demand, this request we can make full use of information technology, in the process of construction implement informatization, digitization, to meet the challenges of the new situation."

The industry believes that BIM technology may lead the construction industry to a higher level.It is understood that BIM is the abbreviation of Building Information Modeling, BIM technology is the use of 3 d digital technology with intelligent tool, the whole life cycle of construction projects in various stages of the data Information integration, integration, analysis, and finally the data in the form of 3 d visualization model and digital statements, conducive to the project participants to analyze related work progress, cost and so on, eventually improve the quality of the project as a whole.

At present, some enterprises have tried to apply BIM technology and achieved some results.According to ge lu, the no.4 company of China railway no.12 bureau has applied BIM technology in the projects of yinxi railway, fuxia railway, stajia railway, xingquan railway, foshan yihuan highway and nanning subway, achieving the purpose of reducing burden, lowering cost, improving quality and increasing efficiency.

And Yang xiaoyi, chief engineer of China construction engineering bureau, also said that China construction engineering bureau explored the intellectualization of the project when it undertook the construction of shenzhen international exhibition center project.The project is big, tight and demanding, he said, making it necessary for companies to use smart technology and more advanced ideas to design.At the same time, the company also used a smart management platform for site management.

Moreover, based on the informatization status and characteristics of the construction industry, many enterprises have carried out the exploration of informatization construction.

Sun xifeng, CEO of hangzhou zhufeng technology co., LTD., said the company used technologies such as uav 3D scanning and intelligent modeling to optimize the design time by more than 60% compared with the traditional design time and improve the construction efficiency by more than 30% when undertaking the renovation project of ningxia international hall.It took only three months to complete the delivery from design to construction, and such projects used to take eight to nine months to complete.

Guanglianda, a well-known digital construction industry platform service provider, has set up a "digital production line" built by the project. It connects the factory production and construction site in real time and makes intelligent interaction and cooperation, realizing the collaboration of the whole industrial chain, and improving the project quality to the level of industrial refinement.

Digital architecture is a must

As is known to all, the construction industry is a very traditional industry, and the extensive development model has been in the leading position for a long time, which also brings many problems such as resource waste and environmental pollution.In addition, the industry's opacity also leads to the low level of project management and poor corporate performance.

Therefore, the construction industry is in urgent need of a change to break the status quo, and digital technology undoubtedly provides the best opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

In fact, with the rapid development of AI, big data and cloud computing, digital technology is constantly washing people's awareness, bringing unprecedented impact and more efficient production and operation mode to all industries, which also provides new ideas for the innovative development of the construction industry.

Department of civil engineering in tsinghua university professor Ma Zhiliang opinion, change of the construction industry is to interconnection, integration, digital, intelligent technology, the project design, production, procurement, construction, operations and so on whole life cycle of each link to innovation, improve the ability of resource allocation and use efficiency, promote the development of the industry innovation to drive change of the pattern, finally realizes the construction, operation and the upgrading of products.

At the same time, the transformation of smart city and real estate industry also drives the rapid transformation of construction industry to digital.

Zhao zhengting, secretary general of the all-union real estate chamber of commerce, believes that at present, the spatial development pattern, construction requirements and standards of cities have changed, as well as people's living and living needs have also changed, which have put forward higher and more urgent requirements for the construction industry.

Moreover, the entry of capital accelerated the penetration of technology into the construction industry.

Mr. Wang aihua, a senior vice President in charge of investment at guanglian da, said the company focuses on technological innovation.There's a lot of innovation going on in the construction industry, and every innovation has the potential to be a breakthrough.At present, the business related to BIM, the business relying on the Internet of things technology and the lightweight business with mobile characteristics are the most promising investment direction for the company, which is likely to become an outlet of the industry.

In fact, in order to change the phenomenon of large but not strong construction industry, the state has also issued a number of policies to promote and guarantee the digital transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

In October 2017, the ministry of housing and urban-rural development issued a notice for the promotion and application of 10 new technologies in the construction industry (2017 version).Among them, the site construction management information based on BIM technology, based on large data analysis and control of project cost information technology, based on the Internet that multilateral collaborative management technology, project dynamic management based on mobile Internet information technology, based on the Internet of things engineering general contracting project supplies the whole process of supervision technology, based on intelligent prefabricated construction products production and construction management, such as information technology, both in the promotion.

It is still a long way to go before construction becomes "smart"

Digital architecture has become a hot topic worldwide.According to market estimates, more than 50 billion devices will be connected in the world by 2025, of which more than 20 percent will be applied in the smart building field, which will have a fundamental impact on the operation and planning of early buildings.

However, the industry believes that the digital transformation of the construction industry still has a long way to go.The construction industry is characterized by large size, long construction cycle, large capital investment, scattered project locations, multiple specialties, multiple relations, strong liquidity, etc. Meanwhile, project data and enterprise data are not interlinked, leading to the industrialization and digitization of the construction industry significantly lagging behind other industries.

Some experts say that in the past, China's construction industry has not invested much in technology, and the industry needs to break its dependence on traditional construction methods, promote the application of new technologies, and truly realize the transformation of construction methods.For example, although BIM technology has been developed and verified in China for more than 10 years, the utilization rate of BIM technology of 64.7% enterprises in new projects is lower than 10%, while only 5.6% of enterprises use more than 50% of BIM technology.

In this regard, Yang mingjie, co-founder and President of zhejiang suilianyun group co., LTD, suggested that the digitization of construction industry should start from upstream materials.According to Yang wei, chief engineer and head of the design research institute of CSCC green industry investment co., LTD., the construction industry should fully integrate advanced concepts and lean thinking of the manufacturing industry to create a new digital ecology in all aspects of the whole life cycle.

China and the former vice minister of housing and urban-rural development, said song, who seize "digital architecture" and "wisdom city" two big innovation in the field of practice, make good use of modern scientific and technological achievements, supported by informationization, the digital method, how to construct the new building industry system, to update construction the whole industrial chain, the transformation and upgrade.

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