Two ministries issued strictly prohibited new cement flat glass production capacity

date: 2018-08-22
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In view of the seemingly new capacity projects in cement and flat glass industries in some places, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the General Office of the State Development and Reform Commission recently issued the Notice on Serious Capacity Replacement and Strictly Prohibiting the New Capacity Increase in the Cement and Flat Glass Industry (hereinafter referred to as the Notice). The notice emphasizes the source control and strictly prohibits the record of new capacity projects.

According to the Circular, the situation of excess capacity in the cement and flat glass industries is still grim. Provincial authorities should firmly establish the "four consciousness", enhance the "four self-confidence", improve political position, fully understand the impact of prohibiting new production capacity on the transformation and development of kinetic energy, optimize the industrial structure, and promote economic development of high quality. The important role of the exhibition is to do a good job in prohibiting the production of cement and flat glass.

"Notice" requires that the departments responsible for the construction project record should strictly control the source of the cement clinker and flat glass construction projects, and should not file new cement clinker and flat glass construction projects in any other name or in any way; all relevant departments and institutions shall not handle land supply and performance evaluation. Related businesses such as EIA approval and new credit support. For new cement clinker and flat glass construction projects that are really necessary, the replacement of cement clinker and flat glass must be carried out in strict accordance with the "Measures for the Implementation of Capacity Replacement in the Cement Flat Glass Industry" by equal or reduced quantity, and the replacement scheme announced by the local provincial industrial and information technology authorities must be held.

After the announcement of the capacity replacement plan, the provincial industrial and information technology departments at all levels should fully follow up the development of the proposed project and earnestly implement the responsibility of supervision beforehand, in-process and after the event. Before the trial production of a new project is completed, the relevant enterprises are urged to shut down, dismantle and withdraw the displacement capacity in time as promised and to announce to the public, and those who have shut down and withdrawn in advance are also required to announce to the public; the actual production capacity of the new production plant is urged to be announced and organized to inspect, and once it is found that there is a dishonesty practice of "building large units in small batches" It is necessary to order the rectification work with the relevant departments.

"Notice" requires the local authorities to further open reporting channels, timely public telephone, fax, e-mail, network and other forms of reporting on the portal to the community, subject to social supervision. Enterprises that falsify, fail to implement the announced capacity replacement scheme or violate the regulations to increase production capacity shall be severely punished in accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Approval and Recording of Enterprise Investment Projects, and shall be submitted to the relevant parties for joint punishment. Regions with serious problems such as lax checks and controls and inadequate supervision will be notified to the whole country as negative examples. Individuals who commit dereliction of duty or dereliction of duty in checking and checking and supervising the implementation of the scheme will be referred to the relevant departments to investigate the relevant responsibilities according to law and discipline.

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