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date: 2018-08-22
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Construction climax cooling down: the NDRC suspends, redeploys the approval work

In August 2017, the national development and reform commission suspended the examination and approval of urban rail transit construction plans due to the subway shutdown in baotou and the requirement of preventing local systematic debt risks at the central financial and economic conferences.1.

On July 13, 2018, issued by the general office of the state council on further strengthening the construction of urban rail transit planning management opinions "(countries do hair [2018] no. 52) (hereinafter referred to as" no. 52 "), the urban rail transit planning and construction in the new situation work deployment, tighten the rail transit declaration construction such as GDP, finance, urban resident population of the city hard Numbers.2.

Fenghui road turn: review and approval restart, multi-city subway planning has been approved

From August last year until the release of the new document 52 this year, the national development and reform commission has not carried out the review and approval of urban rail transit construction plans.Recently, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) resumed the approval of urban rail transit construction plans, and some urban subway plans have been approved in succession.

- on July 17, 2018, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) restarted the approval of the national rail transit construction plan.

- on July 30, 2018, the national development and reform commission deliberated and approved the third phase urban rail transit construction plan in changchun, jilin province.The plan covers 8 lines, including line 5, line 6, line 7, airport line and shuangyang line, with a total length of 135.4 kilometers and a total investment of 78.732 billion yuan.3.

- on August 14, 2018, the national development and reform commission officially issued an official reply to the construction plan for suzhou urban rail transit phase iii (2018-2023), agreeing to build four projects, including line 6, line 7, line 8 and line S1, with the planning period from 2018 to 2023.Suzhou urban rail transit phase iii construction plan, including rail transit line 6, line 7, line 8 and line S1, is an important part of suzhou "four horizontal and three vertical" urban rail transit network, with a total length of 137 kilometers and a total investment of about 95 billion yuan.(4)

Suspense: who will be the next winner?

At the same time, the construction plan of rail transit has been put on the agenda for review and approval.So, which other cities will have new subway plans approved?According to media reports and internal sources, chengdu, xi 'an, wuhan, shenyang, kunming, taiyuan and hefei are all on the way, and may become the next city to be approved.5.

- on July 12, 2018, "planning and revision of nanning urban rail transit network" (hereinafter referred to as "planning and revision of railway network") has been approved by the people's government of nanning.The 2020 network plan recommended by the planning and revision of the track line network consists of the south extension of line 3, the north extension of line 4, the south extension of line 5 and the north extension, the airport line and the wuming line.Planned to 2020, the total scale of the line network is 269.4 km, 157 stations.

- on July 23, 2018, wuhan metro group replied in the "wuhan citizen message board" that wuhan metro rail transit construction plan for the fourth phase has been reported to be approved.The fourth phase plan submitted includes the second phase of line 6, the third phase of line 8, the hanyang section of line 11, the gedian section of line 11, line 12, line 16, line 19, the second phase of line 21, the qianchuan line and the xingang line.

- guangzhou metro group holds its first party congress from July 29 to 30, 2018.In the next five years, the guangzhou metro will strive to double its line network mileage to 800 kilometers by 2023 and move to 2,000 kilometers by 2035, according to the meeting.

- on August 5-7, 2018, the sichuan provincial development and reform commission organized and held the preliminary review meeting of experts on the fourth phase construction plan of chengdu urban rail transit (2019-2025), which passed the preliminary review smoothly.According to the scheme of preliminary examination through the final report at the meeting, the 4th issue of chengdu urban rail transit construction planning including line 8 second phase, three phase line 10 and line 13 issue of line, phase ii of line 17, 18, three phase line, line 19, phase ii, 27 issue of line, 30, a period, 33 lines and 18 lines of three stand a range, involved nine lines 10 projects, a total of 198.55 km, 126 at the station.By the end of this plan, the rail transit operation in chengdu will reach 714.12 kilometers.

- according to the "annual plan of key shaanxi construction projects 2018" released by shaanxi provincial development and reform commission recently, the subway projects involved include 6 projects under construction, 3 new projects to be started, and 6 projects to carry out preliminary work.


Revelation: may usher in the next round of construction climax, wisdom construction where the purpose?

In recent years, China's urban rail transit has achieved a significant leap and accelerated development, and the scale of construction has reached a record high.By the end of 2017, a total of 56 cities in mainland China had started construction of urban rail transit, with a total of 253 railway lines, and the length of lines under construction has reached 6218.3 km.The cumulative investment in construction routes approved by the national development and reform commission reached 386.91 billion yuan, a record high.Of these, 18 cities completed over 10 billion yuan of investment.

Under the background of accelerated infrastructure construction, another round of metro construction started in August, such as urumqi metro line 2 b-03 bid section, hangzhou metro line 6 phase ii railway station project, chongqing line 9 phase ii project and nanchang line 1 east extension project.

In such a rapidly growing market, with the rapid development of information technology, the infrastructure construction industry is facing great pressure to upgrade from traditional management to information management. The green, safe construction and intelligent operation and maintenance of infrastructure are particularly important.Information technologies such as BIM big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of things will play a greater role in promoting technological upgrading in the urban rail transit industry, as well as changes in production methods and management modes.

For this purpose, RT FORUM2018 intelligent rail transit conference | autumn BBS (2018 urban rail transit infrastructure safety construction and intelligent operation and maintenance summit BBS), hosted by RT rail transit, will be held in shenzhen on nov 9, 2018.This conference will focus on the theme of "green and safe construction, intelligent operation and maintenance", and focus on solving the problems and complications in the construction and maintenance of urban rail transit infrastructure, as well as practical experience in intelligent construction and management of rail transit infrastructure.

, will have more than 30 domestic subway construction unit owners, more than 10 design institute, more than 20, more than 10 third party monitoring unit, nearly 200 industry mainstream manufacturers such as nearly 600 rail transit industry professionals gathered, in view of the "underground space design rationalization", "mechanization of process operation", "site construction factory", "green construction norm", "building a management information", "intelligent health monitoring", "systematic" disaster prevention and mitigation seven issues in-depth exchange and sharing.6.

RTFORUM2018 fall BBS will continue the successful experience of 2016 and 2017 as the final work of China's rail transit industry and infrastructure activities in 2018, striving to create an industry event integrating exhibition, communication, consultation, visit and social contact. At present, the preparation work of the conference is in an orderly way.

All professionals in the field of rail transit infrastructure are cordially invited to this autumn date of China's smart rail transit industry in 2018!Look forward to your strong support and active participation!

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