Li Keqiang chaired the executive session of the State Council.

date: 2018-09-20
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Li Keqiang chaired the executive session of the State Council.

It is necessary to implement the established tax reduction and tariff reduction measures to ensure that the existing policy of social insurance premiums is stable.

Deploying, increasing key areas and weak links, and effectively investing to expand domestic demand, promote structural optimization and improve people's livelihood.

Measures to promote foreign trade growth and facilitate customs clearance

Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting on September 18, calling for the implementation of the tax and fee reduction measures in place to ensure the stability of the existing social security premium collection policy; deployment of effective investment in key areas and weak links to expand domestic demand to promote structural optimization and improvement of people's livelihood; and determination of promoting foreign trade growth and communication Measures to facilitate facilitation.

The meeting stressed that in the current complex international situation, to further stimulate the vitality of our market, a key measure is to increase the intensity of tax reduction and fee reduction. We must put in place the measures for reducing taxes and fees, check and verify the implementation, never allow delays and discounts, and never allow ourselves to act on our own. In accordance with the state council's stated plan of "not increasing the burden on enterprises as a whole", and in the process of institutional reform to ensure the stability of the existing collection policy of social security premiums, the relevant departments should strengthen supervision, strictly prohibit the centralized payment of historical arrears of enterprises by themselves, resolutely rectify violations of regulations, and resolutely investigate and punish violations of laws and discipline in the collection and management. Yes. At the same time, we should speed up the study and put forward the plan to reduce the rate of social security and implement the reform of the levy system simultaneously.

The meeting pointed out that the growth rate of China's fixed assets investment has fallen since this year, and infrastructure investment in some places has declined year-on-year. It is also an important measure to deepen the structural reform on the supply side and promote employment. In keeping with the national plan and major strategies, we should increase the infrastructure, transportation backbone network, especially the agricultural infrastructure such as railway highways, trunk waterways, hub and branch airports, major water conservancy projects, key ecological and environmental protection projects, technological upgrading and old-age support in the areas of people's livelihood. Shi Jianshe. We should speed up the preliminary work of the project and promote the early start of the project so as to form a project reserve and rolling connection mechanism. To guide financial institutions to support the construction of short-board projects, local governments should speed up the implementation of special bond financing to short-board projects. We should promote orderly cooperation between government and social capital, and actively attract private capital to participate in the construction.

In order to further expand the opening up and maintain stable growth of imports and exports, the meeting decided: First, to promote a higher level of trade facilitation, this year will reduce the overall customs clearance time of imports and exports, import and export regulatory documents by one third and reduce customs clearance costs. The examination and approval of the import and export links should be reduced. On principle, all the supervision certificates that need to be checked at the ports should be networked and checked in the customs clearance links before November 1 of this year. We will push forward the one-off joint inspection of customs, frontier inspection and maritime affairs and the paperless customs clearance of railway transport goods. Implementation of imported mineral products and other large resource commodities "a priori post detection". Opening up a "green channel" for agricultural and sideline products. Clean up and standardize enterprise-related charges, and publicize the list of government charges at ports before the end of this year. No charges are allowed outside the list. Second, further reduce the cost of import and export enterprises, improve the export tax rebate policy, speed up the progress of export tax rebate, reduce the rate of export inspection, expand the coverage of export credit insurance, encourage financial institutions to increase export credit insurance policy financing and export tax rebate account pledge financing, and increase the credit to foreign trade enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. The loan is put on. Encourage and support enterprises to develop diversified markets. Expand imports of raw materials needed by domestic enterprises.

Li Keqiang presided over the convening of a State Council executive meeting demanding the implementation of tax cuts and fee reduction measures to ensure the stability of the existing social security premium collection policy.

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2018 - 09 - 20
Li Keqiang chaired the executive session of the State Council.It is necessary to implement the established tax reduction and tariff reduction measures to ensure that the existing policy of social insu...
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